Our entire world is built on half the picture because the other half is not quantifiable, observable or explainable. When science can finally explain / quantify the zero and not just the 1, we will know the truth. 

Zero is nothing, it’s empty, it’s anti - and yet it is there holding space between 1 and -1. You can’t do any math without it. Not only that but it has the power to cancel all other numbers out. We cannot ignore it, just because we can’t control it.

Anti-mater is where all the answers are, all the cures, all the secrets, but we won’t see them until we flip the story, flip the the science on its head. Stop looking for a thing and look for a non-thing. Like an X-ray. Stop looking at reality and look at the imprint of it.

What if the space, the void, the unobservable anti-mater, is somewhere else. It’s taking up space here in our cells, in our beings and our world but it’s not really here.

What if it’s a door to another world. What if it’s the soul of life?

What if it’s Heaven?

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